(Do we have to produce something can be eaten in  our project?)

I’m thinking about fungus on rooted food and mushrooms:

  • Basic idea: A green circle of food and food package: wrap food with their rooted version!
  • Some food with a large amount of fibers (such as mushrooms and onions), can be considered to used as main material of fabric and papers, also some fungus on rooted food are super colorful and are able to dying.
  • What I wanna do: Generating pieces of fabric that totally generate from rooted food and fungus (fibers, dying, label paper), and try to make it possible to become the package of the original food. Imagine there is a bag of mushroom, its bag is made of mushroom itself. or a box of tomato, whose box is all from rooted tomato.
  • Problems: Is it possible to make rooted food into totally food safety paper and dying materials? /  Any more ideas based on this “circle” thoughts?



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